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Discussions of Gustav Stickley, his work and the Arts&Crafts movement in general are going on all over the web! Here are some related blogs by  artists, craftsmen, historians and Stickley enthusiasts.

If you know of one we missed, please leave us a comment!

Tree Frog Furniture discusses techniques used to make modern-day arts and crafts reproduction, photos of work, and musings on the style itself.

Stickley Bungalow is the work-in-progress story of restoring a Stickley-style home.

One thing these blogs all had in common was a link back to The Arts & Crafts Society. Visit their forum to discuss the Arts & Crafts movement!

Nib’s Blog has a lovely post about a visit to Craftsman Farms.

Photographers Monika Bros and David Mielcarek took some gorgeous engagement photos for Clancy and David at the Stickley Museum at Craftman Farms! These photos can be found in their gallery or on MadLoveBlog.

ArtPride‘s New Jersey Arts Blog discusses arts events in New Jersey.

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