Dresser (no. 616)



Dresser (no. 616)


United Crafts


1901-02 (ca.)


36 1/2 x 54 3/4 x 22 1/2 inches


Oak, copper hardware

Object No.


Credit line

Anonymous Gift


Shop mark (decal) on top rail of back.


Craftsman Farms was furnished with a blend of furniture the family owned, some they acquired during their residence, and other pieces that were custom made for the property. This dresser is an example of an older piece that was shipped from Syracuse and used on the property. No longer manufactured by the time the family arrived–though it would later appear as no. 903 from 1904-08—this example was made no later than 1902 when the firm stopped cutting dovetails by hand and switched to machining. Like much of Stickley’s early furniture, there are little if any secondary woods in this dresser: the drawers are also made of quarter-sawn white oak, a practice that was soon abandoned as material costs rose. The Feltoid casters on the legs are old, but probably not original to the piece. Patented in 1908 and advertised as early as May 1909 in Country Life in America they may have been fitted to the piece at the time the family moved into Craftsman Farms.

Associated names

Gustav Stickley


Gustav Stickley (by 1902); sold with contents of Log House to George and Sylvia Farny (1917); by descent to Cyril Farny; private collection (by 1992); Anonymous gift to The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms (1995)

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