The Calf Barn

The Calf Barn, from an undated photograph during the Farny Family's ownership of Craftsman Farms.    

Noted in the 1917 survey as an "open hay shed," at present it remains unclear whether the designation "calf barn" was one created by the Farnys or whether they were continuing to use the name by which Stickley called the building.  Although we suspect it was built during the same campaign that saw the erection of the cow and horse barns, there are no photographs known of the building at this time, and no references in The Craftsman.  As late as 1942, in the documentation of George Farny's estate, the building remained an open shed, although the condition was noted as poor.  At some point after that, the building was enclosed and used as apartments.


Another view of the calf barn, showing the enclosed area at the rear.  Sometime after 1942, the Farnys enclosed the open section of the barn and used it as additional apartments.  

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