Divan (no. 171)



Divan (no. 171)


Gustave Stickley Company or United Crafts


1901-02 (ca.)


Oak, original leather cushions

Credit line

Private Collection


Manufactured from 1901 to 1904, Divan (no. 171) is a massive form, but still a full foot shorter than the largest examples made by the company at this time, such as Bungalow Settle (no. 189). Like many of the forms Stickley manufactured in this period, Divan (no. 171) underwent a subtle refinement that likely resulted in lower manufacturing costs without changing the overall impression of the divan. Where the earliest version featured tapered leg posts, later iterations of the divan had square components that were less costly to manufacture.

Because the cache of furniture descended intact before it was sold, it represents one of the largest and most complete examples of an order placed with Stickley that we can document. Unexpectedly, the order is a mixture of woods–both oak and ash–in a variety of finishes that suggests different schemes were deliberately chosen for their rooms. Although the majority of the furniture was constructed of ash and featured a green finish, this divan–along with Writing Table (no. 417-L), Bookcase (no. 510), and a desk or side chair–were made of the more commonly used oak. Taken together, these pieces form a small suite of furniture appropriate for an office and were likely used as such.