Alfred Wagar



Alfred Wagar




active ca. 1898-1901


For some of Stickley’s employees, little has been discovered. Amongst the numerous reasons that exist for these issues, often times it is a problem with transcription and handwriting. Sometimes, the issue is the names are simply too common to locate an obvious candidate, and in other cases the employee’s duration at the company does not overlap the historical record in a meaningful manner. This last issue is the case with an employee named Alfred Wagar about whom little is known. An Alfred Wagar appears in the general ledger as an employee at Stickley’s company from at least 1898-1901, when his purchases and payments were recorded. Wagar appears to have been a chairmaker and possibly a cabinetmaker, employed first by Stickley & Simonds and later the Gustave Stickley Company. Unfortunately, he has not been located in the 1900 Federal Census and must have left the company sometime early in 1901 since that year he was listed as “rem’d” in the City Directory. Although Wagar’s tenure working for Stickley is first recorded by his purchase in 1898, he was listed as a “chairmaker” in both 1896 and 1897, and it is likely that he was employed at Stickley & Simonds during that time. He does not appear in the 1895 directory–nor is there an obvious relative he may have lived with–suggesting that he arrived in Syracuse about 1895 and left in 1901.