Edward Theodore Upfold



Edward Theodore Upfold




ca. 1871 to March 14, 1940


One of the only employees from Stickley’s Syracuse factory that can be documented working at the Log House, Edward Upfold was a furniture finisher responsible for the staining of the chestnut logs on the first floor of the house. Born in England, probably about 1871, Upfold emigrated with his family first to Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1888, and then to Syracuse in about 1892. His father was involved in the brick industry both in England and Canada, so it is not entirely clear how the son became involved in the furniture trade. It may have been through the influence of Stickley employees Albert and George Searle, however, since they were neighbors in England and George emigrated with the family. The brothers wound up marrying two of Edward Upfold’s sisters and they all lived close to one another in Syracuse.

Upon emigrating to the United States, Upfold worked a number of jobs before joining Stickley’s company including a stint as a brickmaker like his father. He is documented working there as early as 1900, but may have been employed there earlier since he was listed in the late 1890s as a “painter” and “varnisher,” in the city directories.

In 1911, Stickley paid Upfold for three weeks labor covered the cost of his train fare from Syracuse to Craftsman Farms in Morris Plains, New Jersey. Significantly, this payment appears in Stickley’s Craftsman Farms account, rather than the company’s account. It is presumed that at this point Upfold still worked for Stickley and that he continued to do so after this, although he has not been located in the 1910 census and his listing in the city directories is sporadic. As late as 1916 he may have still been living in Syracuse as the local papers reported on the marriage of an Edward Upfold (aged 40, as opposed to 45) to his older landlord because he “became acquainted with her qualities as a housekeeper and as the object of his devotion.” He apparently moved to Euclid New York sometime after this as his death was recorded there on March 14, 1940.