Fred Humberstone



Fred Humberstone




April 21, 1883 to November 10, 1949


The youngest of the three Humberstone brothers who worked for Stickley, Fred Humberstone’s employment can be documented to 1901. Born on April 21, 1883 he–like his brother George–was recorded as a “farm laborer” in the 1900 Federal Census. By the following year he was living with his older brother Daniel, and in 1902 was listed in the Syracuse city directory as a finisher–a position he held until the 1930s. Although he was not listed in the 1905 directory, this appears to be more of an aberration than evidence he left the city, since he is again listed in 1906 as a finisher. By 1915 the New York State Census listed him as a “foreman” at a chair factory, and this appears to have been Stickley’s since he continued to work from Stickley as late as 1917, when the firm was known as “The Stickley Manufacturing Company.”

Fred Humberstone appears to have continued work as a foreman for the Stickley’s, continuing to list himself as a foreman in the 1920, 1930, and 1940 Federal censuses. Little information about his later years has been uncovered, though he may have continued to work up until his death on November 10, 1949.