Eugene T. Crowell



Eugene T. Crowell




November 14, 1880 to December 19, 1944


Although unrecorded in Stickley’s general ledger of purchases, Eugene Crowell was recorded in the 1900 Federal Census living on East Newell Street in Syracuse, and employed at a chair factory as foreman. Since this designation was common for Stickley’s employees, he is presumed to be an employee at the company. His tenure there appears to have begun around 1900, since he is first recorded in the city directories as a “finisher” that year. He remained with Stickley probably through 1907 since he continued to list himself as a foreman. The term’s precise meaning remains elusive as it was used for executive positions as well as men who were likely akin to shift managers.

By 1908, Crowell had left Stickley’s employ and began working as a motorman for the Syracuse Rapid Transit Railway Company, a job he held through at least April 26, 1942 when he recorded it on his World War II Draft Registration Card.