Design & History: Part 3 BONUS CONTENT

Free to attendees of Design & History: Part 3 (July 10 – August 28, 2021).

Attendees: Please RSVP here to recieve a link to attend the virtual program.

Missed Design & History: Part 3? Here’s how you can attend BONUS CONTENT: Register retroactively for any of the 8 vitrual sessions, and you will be given access to the recording of the session, as well as the opportunity to join us for BONUS CONTENT on September 25th.

Did Jonathan Clancy cover every possible topic in the nine sessions of Design & History: The Past is Always Present, Part 3? Not even close. Prior course attendees are invited to a Bonus Content session to see what was left on the cutting room floor and for a preview of what’s coming next.

Aaron Douglas, Aspects of Negro Life: From Slavery to Reconstruction, 1934.