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"Sweet is the homecoming at eventide when welcome glows from heart and hearth." 

Dear Friends,


This motto, which is hammered into a fireplace hood in the Log House, beautifully captures the spirit of Craftsman Farms. While the daily activities have changed since the early 20th century, when the property was a working farm and home to Gustav Stickley’s family of eight, the dayto- day hustle and bustle remains.


What else remains? The luminosity of the Log House. Though now a museum honoring Stickley’s memory, it is as lovely—and lively today—as it was in his time. A material symbol of Stickley’s incomparable vision, the Log House remains a place of sweet homecoming and glowing welcome. In fact, I can’t imagine a better tag line for the museum, now in its 30th year, than the last six words of this motto: “…welcome glows from heart and hearth.”


Since 1989, when this property was rescued from development and opened to the public, the welcoming timelessness of Stickley’s Craftsman style has attracted thousands of visitors each year. It is a place that draws people in and draws them together.


But, while Craftsman style is about good design, it’s also about much more. The Craftsman ideal demonstrated by Stickley through his vision for Craftsman Farms represents a way of living and moving through the world. The words “heart and hearth” express the essence of this way of living, which includes a reverence for the natural world, for doing work by hand and for bringing the pursuit of beauty, harmony, honesty and simplicity into daily life. In honoring Stickley, we aim to communicate “welcome, heart and hearth” in all of the museum day-to-day operations. You can help us ensure the museum is a place of “welcome, heart and hearth.” How? Through your year-end gift. Your gift will help us to:

  • keep open the iconic green doors of the Log House all year round with more than 800 annual tours, for visitors from down the road and around the world, and more than 75 programs for all ages.
  • protect the buildings and 30 acres of Craftsman Farms and preserve them according to Stickley’s original vision.
  • care for the museum’s collections and ensure that the objects entrusted to our care are protected for visitors to see and study far into the future.

Your year-end gift to the museum will help us do all of these things. It also will help us preserve something less tangible but equally important: the spirit of Craftsman Farms. Help us preserve the spirit of this property and ensure that each time you visit the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms “…welcome glows from heart and hearth.”




Vonda K. Givens
Executive Director

13 August 2020



August 12, 2020


The Museum and Grounds will be CLOSED as we recover from extensive damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaias. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


More about temporary closure due to Covid 19.


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