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Would you like to see your name or the name of a loved one become an important and permanent part of this National Historic Landmark? Would you like to have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped beautify Craftsman Farms and made it more handicapped accessible? Would you like to make a major impact on the lives touched through the museum’s welcoming, high-quality, and in-depth educational offerings? Participation in our Pathway to Education Campaign is a simple and direct way to achieve all of these goals. We are pleased and proud to invite you to partner with us in the creation of a permanent pathway that will both literally and figuratively lead the way to the Museum’s finest educational programs.



A Permanent Pathway to Education: Craftsman Farms’ Honor Roll Walkway


As we begin the second century of Craftsman Farms, the continued restoration and adaptive reuse of this important 30-acre National Historic Landmark is guided by these three points:


1. Continually working to protect, preserve, and restore Craftsman Farms to the
     highest standards must be the foundation of our mission.

 2. Developing top quality educational programs is essential in order to bring depth
     and meaning to everything we do.

 3. If we restore and preserve the site, but don't make it welcoming to everyone,
     we are not doing our job.


That is why a fully handicapped accessible bluestone walkway to the Education Building is near the top of our second century project list.  The building includes a state of the art handicapped accessible bathroom, but presents some serious obstacles for wheelchair access to the lecture room.  In the past two years this building has been used for programs as diverse as our Emerging Scholars Symposium, a wood block printing workshop, the Stickley Design Invitational, our annual Holiday Trunk Show, a lunch room for bus tour groups, and a meeting room for community agencies. It is in regular use for lectures, workshops, and Girl Scout programs. 


As we begin the second century at Craftsman Farms, we will make the Education Building fully accessible with the installation of a period-correct and fully handicapped-accessible bluestone walkway. This 200-foot walkway will enhance the appearance of the building’s exterior, while making both the education room and the recently installed ADA bathroom truly handicapped accessible.


You now have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on Craftsman Farms. Your name or the name of a loved one can become an important and permanent part of this National Historic Landmark.  Unlike many such walkways, the Pathway to Education will not be made of brick, which is coarse and easily crumbles. In keeping with Craftsman Farms early 20th century history, the walkway will be custom-made from period correct, natural bluestone.  Bluestone is more enduring than brick and the engraving is more attractive and precise.  The overall look will be in perfect harmony with Craftsman Farms.

To keep the pathway looking as it should on this property, only a limited number of these bluestone paving stones will be available for engraving.  Only 100 large square paving stones, and slightly more of the small edging stones may be purchased for engraving. Large stones are $1,000 and small stones are $500. These funds will directly support the preservation and operations of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms.


Would you like to know more?  Download the full information about how you can participate.  



13 August 2020



August 12, 2020


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