Fireplace Hood



Fireplace Hood


Craftsman Workshops


1911 (ca.)


Copper and iron

Credit line

Conservation of the Fireplace Hoods was made possible by a grant from the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund and a generous gift in memory of Vykki Mende Gray.


Upstairs, in the family’s private areas, Stickley chose hoods that were physically less imposing, and embellished them with personal messages of affection rather than work and labor. In the girls’ bedroom, the motto “Sweet is the homecoming at eventide when welcome glows from heart and heart” emphasized the importance of family and the type of environment Stickley strove to create for his daughters. The motto’s meaning shifted subtly with the time of day: at night it was a reminder of the affection their parents had for them, while in the morning, seen upon waking, it was a subtle reminder to return to the safety and comforts of home.