Fireplace Hood



Fireplace Hood


Craftsman Workshops


1911 (ca.)


Copper and iron

Credit line

Conservation of the Fireplace Hoods was made possible by a grant from the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund and a generous gift in memory of Vykki Mende Gray.


For the master bedroom, Stickley revealed a romantic side of himself that contrasts starkly with the professional persona he projected downstairs. Using the poem “Home” by Victorian poet Dora Greenwell, he adapted the last couplet to read “A world of strife shut out and a world of love shut in” for his personal hearth. The poem is a panegyric to romantic love that reads:

Two birds within one nest;
Two hearts within one breast;
Two spirits in one fair,
Firm league of love and prayer,
Together bound for aye, forever blest.

An ear that waits to catch
A hand upon the latch;
A step that hastens its sweet rest to win;
A world of care without,
A world of strife shut out,
A world of love shut in