Planned Giving

Gustav Stickley had a vision: his Garden of Eden in NJ would be the embodiment of his philosophy and a blueprint for living in harmony with nature and surrounded by the beauty of simplicity housed in practicality.

What role can you play in sustaining that vision? What can you do to ensure that this vision continues for another century? When you join the Visionary Circle, you can sustain Craftsman Farms for generations to come. The preservation of Craftsman Farms for the enjoyment and education of future generations truly depends on your generous planning today.

Our Visionary Circle was created as part of the 2011 centennial celebration to ensure the vitality of Craftsman Farms for the next century. The Visionary Circle is designed to honor those who have informed us that they have included the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms in their estate plans.

Informing us of your plans is a good idea for several reasons. You can make sure that we understand your wishes so that your gift will be used exactly as you intend. And it lets us honor you today by including you in the roster of our Visionary Circle members, and allows us to show our deep appreciation to you today. If you allow us to use your name.

To enroll in the Visionary Circle, simply let us know, in writing, that you have included The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms in your estate plans. You can use our Visionary Circle brochure or sign a letter of intent to inform us of your plans. Whatever method you choose, you can be proud that you are helping to sustain an important historic place of value, quality, and integrity for generations yet to come.

Members of the Visionary Circle

  • Robert C. Burchell
  • David Cathers
  • Michael Dawson
  • Paul Duchscherer
  • Frank Finkenberg
  • Susan Finkenberg
  • Barbara Fuldner
  • Louis G. Glesmann, III
  • Stephen Jones
  • Suzanne R. Jones
  • Jeffrey D. Judds
  • John Leigh
  • Kathleen Leigh
  • Theodore M. Lytwyn
  • Peter K. Mars
  • Catherine J. Mathis
  • Anne Miller
  • Barry S. Oleksak
  • Linda Sherman Johnston
  • Stu Slifkin
  • Karen Slifkin
  • Donald C. Stahl
  • Carol Steen
  • Mark Weaver
  • Barbara A. Weiskittel
  • Davey L. Willans
  • Nancy Willans